North Shore Training Center​

Included in the curriculum of all our Hoisting Courses:

Mass General Laws ​

520 CMR 6.00.

OSHA Standards

ANSI B30.5 Hand

Safety & Equipment Maintenance

220 CMR 99.00 (Dig Safe)

North Shore Training Center offers courses that focus on the prevention of incidents and how to maintain a jobsite that is in compliance with the laws and regulations of the
Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  North Shore Training Center is dedicated to ensuring our students receive the most current information and knowledge that will enable them to maintain a safe working environment.

​The Department of Public Safety regulations state that all Hoisting Licensees must submit with their renewal application a
Certificate of Completion evidencing the satisfaction of continuing education hours required pursuant to 520 CMR 6.04.  We are available to assist our students in the renewal application process.

Each restriction in which you are licensed requires you to submit a Continuing Education certificate for EACH restriction which you are renewing.  Not sure what restrictions you are licensed in?  Check the back of your MA Hoisting License.

MA Hoisting Continuing Education 

MA Hoisting License Test Preparation MA Hoisting Continuing Education In-Service Training


Ma Hoisting License test prep courses  

We provide courses that will prepare you to sit for the MA Hoisting License Exam.  We schedule these classes as they are requested.  Please contact us today and let us know what Restriction you are interested in obtaining.

  4 hour MA Hoisting Continuing Education Class   $100

  2 Hour MA Hoisting Continuing Education Class    $75 

                 MA Hoisting License Exam PREP:  
                               Book included

                          1 Restriction $200
                          2 Restrictions $300

Continuing Education Hoisting Classes

Continually Adding classes for all restrictions!

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MA Hoisting Education

CLASS 1:    1A-1B-1C-1D

1A - 1B - 1C -   4 hours of Continuing Education

1D-  2 Hours Continuing Education

MA Hoisting

Class 3:  3A

The minimum number of continuing education 
hours required for renewal of a 3A License
is four (4) classroom hours.

MA hoisting

Class 4:   4B - 4C- 4D - 4E - 4F - 4G

11/2016 UPDATE: 4A Restriction is being removed. For those that are currently licensed under 4A at your next renewal date you will submit Continuing Education Certificates for the Class 4 Restrictions you choose to maintain.
To renew your MA Hoisting License Restriction Class 4: 4B, 4C, 4D, 4E, 4F, or 4G
Complete 1 hour "Core" Class AND 1 hour Focused Continuing Education

Continuing Education Hours for Class 4 Renewal: 2 Hours

MA hoisting Education

Class 2:  2A - 2B - 2C - 2D

The minimum number of continuing education hour
required for renewal of a 2A, 2B, 2C, and 2D License
shall be four (4) classroom hours.

NSTC: Massachusetts Hoisting License Education

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